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The Company

Our history

Our history dates back in 1980 and is filled with success both in Greece and abroad.

This success has earned Arvaniti Dairy a place amongst the most competitive dairy businesses worldwide. The quality of our products has been hailed by the World Championship Cheese Contest that awarded Arvaniti Dairy with its Gold Prize. This ultimate reward that was offered to a Greek dairy business for the first time is a recognition of our unparalleled know-how and a validation of the love we show for our work.

Manolis and Michalis Arvanitis
Manolis and Michalis Arvanitis

"Our family has been in the cheese making business for three generations. We inherited the tradition of the art of cheese making and we developed further the traditional Greek flavor. We never made any compromises regarding quality and we have adhered to this core belief despite the cost involved in the context of a competitive economy. That's why today our products enjoy worldwide recognition with acclaims and awards, thereby promoting the Greek cheese tradition.

This indicates the potential of Greek cheese-making and how we can easily stand side-to-side with the best in the world. We are also particularly proud of forming a cheese-making team with great skills. It's a group of people in which everyone brings unique capabilities in their area, thus contributing to the creation of unique products. Thanks to them our cheeses have reached Australia, Canada and Japan, but that's not enough for us, we want to bring the consumer closer to the culture of our company and our country.

Our cheese is our passion and our pride."

Kriton Bolkas
Kriton Bolkas

"In our dairy business we follow the strictest standards in order to produce quality, traditional Greek cheeses which make their place every day in Greece and in over 30 countries worldwide. Our goal is to present the consumers with the authentic flavor of the Greek cheeses and to promote the hailed Greek cheese making tradition.

The stability we enjoy in all areas helps us in our sound development. Our company's sales and distribution department is well adapted to the needs of both the market and the customers for top-notch service and accurate information concerning our products.

It is very important for our products to reach the consumer in absolute excellence and satisfy their taste. Our satisfaction stems from the fact that our effort is rewarded everyday by creating loyal consumers, while our personal reward is that our labors are fruitful and that the path of quality is finally appreciated."

Our core values

We honor tradition and stay faithful to our philosophy
Our premises are situated right at the heart of the Greek milk production near the pastures of Macedonia,Greece
We keep the family character of Arvaniti Dairy alive, besides our ongoing growth and extremely high workload

Only greek milk

At Arvaniti Dairy we really pay attention to the quality of the raw material we use. This is why everyday, we collect it from local producers in whom we trust the will deliver us with only the best milk in the area. Checking closely every stage of the production and treatment of the milk we use –ranging from the good breeding and feeding of the animals to the excellence of the final product- at Arvaniti Dairy we pledge to offer you products of uncompromised high quality.

Goal-oriented, with certified know-how for healthy pleasure and ever-faithful to the traditional cheese making process, at Arvaniti Dairy we strive to keep the local character of our cheeses alive. This is how we end up offering you products of pure, authentic taste that recall memories and honor the rich Greek cheese making tradition.

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