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Pure goat blue cheese with Greek character.

It has a harder texture than other blue cheeses and can be easily cut into portions. It has a soft and mature taste, with the discreet presence of mold, which does not exceed the characteristics of milk.
The microclimate of Greece, and especially of Northern Greece, is ideal for raising goats. It has the nature that can feed them in their free grazing, especially in the spring when they give most of their milk. This results in the excellent milk that we collect daily, and brings out this excellent taste in the cheese.
The recipe has been developed with the help of French cheesemakers, after studying the most important blue cheeses internationally. The cheese is matured in specially designed chambers in the basement of the dairy, where the cheeses remain for at least 3 months before completing the growth of the blue cheese fungus.
The delicate but rich taste challenges you to combine ΚYANO with both intense and mild flavors. You can enjoy it with strong red wines, but also with more discreet rosé, with ouzo, but also with a cocktail, with fruit (pear, grape, etc.), with toast or rice wafer. Put the KYANO in the pasta, in the salad, in the pizza, in a balotina and create exceptional shades of flavors.
KYANO is a completely safe cheese. Every day the whole milk collected is checked before we pasteurize it and make it cheese. The certified quality system maintained by Fromagerie ARVANITI, systematically controls each stage of production with regular inspections and analyzes, both in the company's chemistry and with external partners. It can be consumed even by vulnerable groups, pregnant women, children, the elderly.

Nutritional value

Energy 1419 KJ / 342 Kcal 426 KJ / 103 Kcal 5,2 %
Fat 28 g   8,4 g 12 %
Of which saturated 20 g 6 g 30 %
Carbohydrates 1,5 g 0,45 g 0 %
Of which sugar 0,5 g 0,15 g 0 %
Proteins   21 g 6,3 g 26 %
Salt 2.6 g 0,78 g 13 %